Meaning, Objectives, and Importance of Advertising essay

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Meaning, Objectives, and Importance of Advertising

Good advertising does not just circulate information. It penetrates the public mind with desires and belief.”

Advertising is the most important tool for the promotion and growth of any business. Let us understand the meaning of advertising in detail.

Advertising: Meaning

Advertising is basically a way of communication. Any business or company uses the advertising method to communicate with public regarding its brand, product or services.

Advertising can also be defined as the way of capturing public attention through paid messages or information which helps promote or sell a product, service or brand.

Advertising is also a process of mass promotion which involves audio or visual methods of marketing. A single advertisement has the capacity to reach numerous people.

Objectives of Advertising

  1. Brand building – Advertising helps in the establishment and promotion of a brand in the existing market. It also aids in the creation of new market for the brand. With the help of audio-visual advertisements, you can also reminding and reinforce the brand message into your target customers’ mind.
  1. Creation of demand – One of the main objectives of advertising is that it persuades the customers to buy and use a particular product. Hence, advertising also contributes in creating brand awareness and demand. Also, advertising is the best option for promotion when it comes to launch of a new product or service. Effective and convincing advertisements do not only help establish a brand identity but also persuade competitor brand’s customers to switch to a new brand.
  1. Informing Customers about a Product, Company or Service – Advertising is also a strong medium of communicating about product, company or service. Companies can tell about features, qualities or unique characteristics of their product or service in the advertisement.
  1. Promoting a Particular Feature – Specific objectives of companies can also be fulfilled with the help of advertising. Building up more positive customer attitudes, beating negative promotion, extending customer base, creating comparison in customer’s mind and various other particular objectives can be attained by making a specific advertisement for the same.
  1. Achieve sales and profit goals – Advertisements create awareness about a brand and help in increasing the demand for a product or service. The increased demands results in increased sales and so, profit goals of a company are attained with the help of advertising.

Importance of Advertising

  1. Product Launch – The foremost aim of advertising is promotion. Hence, advertising is essential, especially for a new product that has to be launched in the market. Advertising helps convey the information regarding launch of the new product.
  1. Retain the existing customers – It is essential that customers keep following, buying and using your brand. And this is where advertising helps companies again! It keeps on reminding the customers about the brand and so, helps in retaining the customers and increasing the sales.
  1. Brand PromotionPromotion is quintessential if any brand wants to stay in the market. This goal is achieved with the help of advertising which promotes a product, company or service. When a brand gets established with the help of advertising, it becomes a promise of quality and the customers start expecting from a brand. Thereafter, the stage arises where advertising starts acting as a reminder. It reminds and convinces customers that their chosen brand is still there.
  1. Educates people – Advertising is not only about promotion! It also educates people and makes the society aware about various issues. Many social issues like female foeticide, child labor, child abuse, etc., are also raised thorough sensible advertisements. Thus, advertising also helps in educating people and spreading awareness.
  1. Comparison – Advertising also provides the opportunity of comparing various products to the customers. Based on features, qualities or specifications described through advertising, customers can take their pick on the available products.

Conclusion: Advertising helps in the promotion and growth of a business. It builds trust and spreads awareness among targeted customers.  Advertising is necessary as well as helpful for customers as they get to know that there are products /services available that cater to their needs. However, the ultimate decision lies with the customer regarding which brand to choose and why!

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