Mesolithic Sites in India essay

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Mesolithic Sites in India

A brief overview of the Mesolithic sites in India is given below:

Bundelkhand, Baghelkhand, Shivanna valley in Madhya Pradesh have a number of middle Stone Age sites.

Sabarmati valley sites like Akhaj, Valasana, Hirapur, Lunjhnaj in Gujarat, discovered by Sankalia.

Luni River in South West Rajasthan, discovered by V.N. Misra.

Tinnevelly site in Madras, discovered and studied by Zeuner & Allchin.

Birbhanpur site on the Damodar river valley in West Bengal, studied by B.B. Lal; and also in a number of sites in the districts of Midnapur, Bankura, Birbhum and Burdwan, microliths are found to be scattered­ly distributed.

Godavari site like Belpandhari, Nevasa, Suvegaon, Kalegaon,Nandur-Madhmeshwar; and Malaprabha-Ghataprabha of Maharashtra; these sites were discovered and studied by Sankalia and K.D. Banerjee.

Kurnool & Renigunta in Andhra Pradesh discovered and studied by Isaac and Murthy.

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