Mir Jafar (Nawab of Bengal)

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Mir Jafar (Nawab of Bengal)

Mir Jafar was the Nawab of Bengal. He was Najafi Dynasty. He was born in 1691.

Mir Jafar sat on the throne of Bengal by paying large amounts of money to Company and its higher officials. He allowed them tax-free trade in Bengal. Eventually the British usurped all military, adminis­trative and political powers, reducing Mir Jafar to being a puppet in their hands.

Unbridled power made them arrogant, exploitative with little respect for the Nawab. Mir Jafar was irked and he conspired with the Dutch to curb the British domination. Clive defeated the Dutch in 1759. Next year, Clive went back to England and was succeeded by Vansittart as the governor of Kolkata. He dethroned Mir Jafar in a bloodless coup and placed Mir Kasim, Mir Jafar’s on the throne of Bengal (1760). This incident is known as ‘the Revolution of 1760’.

Mir Jafar died in 1765.

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