Monuments of Gupta Period

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Monuments of Gupta Period

Monuments of the Gupta period illustrate the existence of different centers of art and architecture of the time.

Mathura, Benares, Nalanda were the important centers of art and architecture. The seated Buddha image belonging to the Benares school of art, now preserved in Saranath Museum, is a masterpiece of sculptural art of the Gupta age. Temples of the Gupta age give us a fair idea of architectural technique and religious beliefs of the people.

The temples of Vishnu, Siva, Durga, Buddha, Bodhisvatta, Jaina etc., show the different religious sects living at that time although the Gupta period marked a Hindu revival. From a temple at Udayagiri it appears that Ganga and Jamuna rivers were deified and worshipped as goddesses.

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