Most common natural calamity of Bangladesh

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Most common natural calamity of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is called a land of natural calamities because every year she falls victim to various natural calamities like cyclone, tidal-surge, and storm, River- erosion, drought, flood and so on. The most common natural calamity that visits Bangladesh every year is flood. It occurs particularly during the rainy reason. The effects of flood beggar description. It leaves a vast trail of devastation. The affected people and animals suffer untold sufferings. It causes heavy damage to our life and properties. Houses are destroyed, cattle are washed away, crops are greatly damaged and trees are uprooted. Thousands of people and other animals remain without food for many days. The after effect of flood is more serious. Sometimes famine breaks out. Many people and animals die for want of food. The prices of all necessary things go up. Many dangerous diseases like cholera, typhoid and dysentery etc. break out an epidemic form.

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