Mothers Day

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Mothers Day

 ‘Mother is the one who can take the place of all, but can’t be replaced’. She is the most precious and important factor of our life. The moment a girl realizes the life growing within, the world around her changes, attitude changes. She learns to love and accept the world from a wider perspective.

Her love is deep like an ocean and she is the sky where we fly high safely. I have always felt that through our eyes she can read our minds. None of our worries are hidden from her and without her we are nothing. She gives us birth and finds herself responsible for the right upbringing of a responsible citizen. For that reason, it is often seen that a child is never blamed for his mistakes like we blame his/her mother for the same. She has dedicated herself to her family and takes deliberate effort to pass on the values to her kids, just like what she gained from her mother. She sets an example for the next generation. She is the only one who works selflessly twenty-four hours every day without any gain, to keep her family happy. Mother can be compared to nature who gives away all it has but keeps no expectation of something in return. She even fights with the circumstances to keep their child safe and sound. As per the Indian culture, she is considered the primary God of every living being.

Every child might have heard her saying “you won’t understand now, but once you become a mother you will remember my words”.  This is a phrase passed down for generations by mothers. We do not need a special day to thank and honor them for their love, care, and affection. She will always be there for us till she breathes the last. So let’s take the opportunity to thank her from the bottom of our hearts, for her kind gestures unlimited help, and love.

Happy mother’s day to all mothers!!!

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