Mubarak Shah (Sayyid Dynasty) Mubarak Shah

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Mubarak Shah (Sayyid Dynasty)

Mubarak Shah

Mubarak Shah was the King of Delhi Sultanate. He belonged to Sayyid Dynasty. Khizr Khan had nominated his son Mubarak Khan as his heir. Mubarak Khan ascended the Delhi throne under the title Mubarak Shah and the nobles apparently acclaimed his accession although in reality they did not support him. Like his father Khizr Khan, Mubarak Shah had to undertake expeditions to different parts of the kingdom to suppress rebellion and disorder. Although he succeeded in putting down the rebellions at Bhatinda and the Doab, his attempt to suppress the Khokhars of Punjab did not succeed.

Jasrath, the leader of the Khokars was an aspirant to the throne of Delhi. Mubarak Shah, however, did not make any attempt to recover any territory lost to the Delhi Sultanate. In one respect his reign was a departure from many of his predecessors, for he appointed one or two Hindus to his court. Under him some of the Muslim and Hindu nobles led by Sarwar-ul­-Mulk, the wazir, hatched a conspiracy against the Sultan. The conspirators fell on him unawares when he was supervising the construction of a town on the bank of the Jamuna and killed him Sultan Mubarak Shah (February, 1434).

In Tarikh-i-Mubarak Shahi, a fairly detailed account of the reign of Mubarak Shah as also that of his predecessor can be had. This Persian work was compiled by Yahya Sirhindi during the rule of Mubarak Shah.

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