Mughal Emperor Babur died on 26th December,1530. Background

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Mughal Emperor Babur died on 26th December 1530.


Humayun, who had been sent as governor of Badkhshan after the battle of Khanua, left his charge and returned to Agra without his father’s permission. He was instructed to go to his jagir at Sambhal, where he fell ill. He was, consequently, brought to Agra by water. Notwithstanding all possible medical assistance he showed no sign of improvement.

Babur consulted the well-known saint, Abu Baqa, who advised Humayun to seek remedy from God and give away in charity the most valuable thing in his possession.

Babur intervened and said that the most valuable possession of Humayun is Babur himself. And then prayed to the god to transfer the illness of Humayun to him. It is said that after this dramatic incident Babur was taken ill and Humayun began to get well.

The death of Babur

While on his death bed, he nominated Humayun his successor and entrusted his other sons and family to his care. Babur died on 26th December, 1530. After the death of Babur, his body was laid to rest at Arambagh in Agra, whence it was subsequently carried to Kabul and buried at a beautiful spot which had been selected by Babur himself for the purpose.

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