Muhammad Shah (1434-1445)

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Muhammad Shah (Sayyid Dynasty)

Muhammad Shah (1434-1445)

Muhammad Shah was a ruler of Sayyid Dynasty. On Mubarak Shah’s death, his brother’s son Muhammad Khan ascended the throne under the title Sultan Muhammad Shah.

The liberating army which kept the city under a siege for three months was welcomed into Delhi and all the nobles renewed their allegiance to Muhammad Shah. Muhammad Shah now became a Sultan both in name and fact. As the nobles were now united supporting him he had an excellent opportunity to reorganize the affairs of the state but unfortunately Muhammad Shah preferred enjoyment of pleasures to kingly duties.

The result was that rebellions and disorders broke out everywhere. The Sultan of Malwa encamped near Delhi to invade Delhi. Muhammad Shah finding the situation beyond him called Buhlul Lodi (also Bahlul Lodi), the chief of Sirhind to come to his assistance. Buhlul Lodi came with 20,000 mounted soldiers and fought at the vanguard of the Delhi forces as the virtual commander. The army of Buhlul Lodi attacked the forces of Sultan Muhammad Khalji and emerged as victors. Mahmud Shah was now full of praise for Buhlul and called him a son and conferred on him the title of Khan-i-Jahan. Buhlul later occupied the major part of Punjab. Buhlul Lodi attacked Delhi in 1443 without success.

The last years of Muhammad shah saw the rapid decline of his kingdom. Multan becoming independent. Many fief-holders stopping payment of tributes and even amirs making bid for independence. Before his death in 1445, Muhammad shah nominated his son Ala-ud-din Shah and called him from Badaun and breathed his last.

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