My best friend

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My best friend

Friendship is a spiritual bond. It never ends. Every man wants to keep a good company. A friend is one of the greatest blessings of man. Like others I have a friend. His name is Mijan. He is one of my best friends. He is my class –fellow. He is a bright student in our class. He is always regular in his studies. I like him most for some of his qualities. He is simple, truthful and modest. He is always true to his words. He obeys his superiors. He is neat and charming in habits. He is intelligent and well-behaved. He never quarrels with others. He does not spend even a single moment in vain. He is reliable, honest, sincere and broad-minded. He never speaks ill of others. He says his prayers regularly. He is also a good player. He always tries to help me in all possible ways. He helps me in solving questions on all the over and affection for me. Really I am happy with his behavior. Thus he is my best friend in true sense. I am proud of him. I always wish him golden success in life.

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