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My Brother

My Brother – Arjun

My brother’s name is Arjun. He was born on 26th October 2010. He is 6 years old now. He is in 1st grade. He is cute and funny. In the football match, I always choose him for my team. We both play together, eat together, and sleep together. I can’t live without him for a day. If anybody tortures him, I bully them. Arjun doesn’t take any tension about anyone/anything. I like that nature of him. He is a total chatterbox. He has so many friends in the colony. He reads a book called ‘The story house story’. His favorite food is ‘curd rice’. Once he got lost in our apartment. I searched for all the blocks but could not find him. I was searching for him for an hour but couldn’t find him. I got scared and demented. At last in the park, I found him wailing. From that day I didn’t leave him alone in my apartment. He is good at football, cricket, and skating. His favorite indoor game is a cricket Attax and playing a hungry shark on my mother’s mobile.

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