My favorite Bangladeshi food

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My favorite Bangladeshi food

I am a Bangladeshi. So, I like Bangladeshi foods such as rice, fish , dal , vegetables, Fruits like mangoes , jack-fruits , bananas ,pineapples, black-berries etc. And foods made from these fruits are favorite to me. Rice and fish are my favorite food. Besides, bread and butter made in Bangladeshi are my favorite food. L like polao with beef very much. Seasonal homemade foods like vapa pitha in the month of pouch are my favorite food. Actually, we have traditional home –made foods and they are very delicious. I like small fish curry very much. The hilsha fish are available in Bangladeshi. I like rice with hilsha fish curry. Various types of foods such as pitha made from date-juice in the month of poush and magh is very delicious I like to have it early in the morning. Nevertheless, I am really habituated in having rice and fish which is very common and favorite food in Bangladesh.

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