My favorite season

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My favorite season

I leave in a city which is very hot and humid. So I wait for the rainy season. In the South of India, we have the rainy season from June to September. It is refreshing to see everything wet after rainfall. I like to get wet in the rain. My mother doesn’t allow me to get wet as she is scared if I would fall sick. Once the school left early due to heavy rains. I had my raincoat but I didn’t wear it. All our friends walked home in the rain. It was fun. We also splashed water on each other. It was disturbing for people walking beside us. But we didn’t bother. Finally, when I reached home I was fully drenched in water. My mother scolded me badly and dried my hair and body with a towel. The next day I fell sick. My mother had warned me from getting wet thereafter. After the rain, we can see dew drops on the leaves. When the sun shines it glitters. Our school reopens after summer vacation and normally it will be a rainy day. This year my mother brought me an umbrella which has ears. It is yellow in color. Sometimes after the rain, we can see a rainbow in the sky. I believe the rainbow is God’s smile. Some days it rains for days and we cannot play out. We all friends sing together “rain go away…”

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