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My home

My home is a village. It is a brick built house. My family consists of seven members. There are my parents, grandfather and grandmother. We are two brothers and sisters. I am the eldest of them. My grandfather is a retired government school teacher. At present he spends his time in social activities. My grandmother is a nice old lady. My father is doctor working in a government hospital. My mother is a professor of English is a college. My younger brother and sister read in class viii. They are sharp. It looks very beautiful. It faces the south. So the sunshine and fresh air can easily enter the house. It has three bed rooms, a study for my and a small veranda. The kitchen stands on the north and for this smoke cannot enter onto the house. There is a flower garden in front of my study. It stands on a high road. The river chitra enhances the beauty of my house as it flows with its murmuring sound just beside the house. So, I am happy to five in such a fine house which is far away from the din and bustle of city life.

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