My Mama

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My Mama

Did you know why God made Mamas? God cannot take care of each one of us, so he gave us Mamas.

My Mama’s name is Frieda. She is my first teacher who taught me to Walk, Talk, Sing & Dance.

My Mama is someone who loves me so much and her love is without any conditions.

My Mama is someone who makes me realize that I am the best and that there is no one better than me.

My Happiness is her laughter and my sadness in her sadness.

She spends her sleepless nights when I am not well.

My Mama is someone I cannot live without. She is everything in my life. At the moment she is in the UK, I miss her a lot!!!

But I have a Papa who looks after me like my Mama and he is equally good.

I thank God who blessed us with my Mama & Papa.

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