My neighbors

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My neighbors

Man is s social being. So he can’t live alone. In a particular place he lives with others. These other people are called neighbors. My neighbors are many and we live in a city. They belong to different professions and callings. All of my neighbors are well behaved. They are very simple, frank and sociable. My next door is a young man named Abdul Rahman. He is very sweet in nature. He is a mild tempered gentleman. He is a government employee and his wife is a housewife. They are very affectionate to me. All their deeds are praiseworthy. Their kindness to the distressed people is untold. Other neighbors are also good. They also do constructive works in the society. Humanity is the main characteristic of my neighbors. They add to my happiness and lessen my misery by their sympathy. In our sorrowful moment they come to solve our problems. So it is our bounden duty to keep good terms with our neighbors.

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