My school library

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My school library

Library is a place where a vast number of books are kept for reading. It is said to be a store house of knowledge We have a school library. It is on the first floor of our main school building. The room is a big one. There are there doors and six windows in the room. The walls and ceiling of the room are white are washed. There are chairs and tables in our library. The books are arranged in rows in the Almirah. We borrow books. There are about fifteen thousands of books on different branches of knowledge in our library and all books have been arranged in a scientific way so that anyone can find out a book easily by using cataloger. Our librarian is a very learned man who always encourages us to read more and more. My school library is a holy place to me. We have forty minutes library hour every day and we enjoy the hour very much. We are proud of our school library.

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