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My self

My Name is Kabir Hossain Madbor. I am a student. I read in class eight. My age is thirteen. I do everything following a daily routine. I go to school regularly. In my class I listen to my teachers attentively. I never quarrel with anybody. And I never keep bad company. I learn my lessons with great care. I do not waste my time. I sit to read while it is time for reading and go to play while it is time for playing. I never put of my lessons for the next day. I obey the rules of the school strictly. I respect my teachers and they like me so much. Travelling is my hobby. Whenever I get chance, I travel. I also help my parents in their works. Besides, I teach the illiterate persons of my village during the spare time. I help the older and take part is some other social activities As a result. All kinds of people love me very much. I always find pleasure in carrying out the order of my parents and teachers.

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