NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Social Science Disaster Management Chapter 2 Survival Skills

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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Social Science Disaster Management Chapter 2 Survival Skills

Survival Skills Disaster Management CBSE Class 10 NCERT Solutions

What are the main objectives of Search and Rescue team? Define the team composition.
The main objective of a Search and Rescue Team is to rescue trapped survivors of a disaster. Then first –aid should be provided to the injured people. After first –aid is given further medical help should be arranged.
In the event of any deaths during the disaster, the team should ensure the immediate disposal of the bodies as this may cause health hazards for the others.
The Rescue team should seek help from the other people in the area as this would speed up the rescue operations.
Rescue operations are usually organised as a team work. Team effort is the back bone of Rescue operations. There should be cooperation among members of a Search and rescue team. Some of the qualities the Rescue team should have are:
Emotional Balance
Sound Physique
Ability to deal with emergencies
Willingness to work at any time
Identify 2 indigenous ways to rescue people in case of floods.
Indigenous ways to rescue people during floods are to use to use tubes or trunks of banana trees to keep the drowning people afloat.


Name 3 different ways to make stretchers with locally available resources.
A stretcher can be made from locally available materials.
Sweaters and shirts can be used to make stretchers – Rods can be inserted through the sleeves of three or four shirts to make a stretcher.
A ladder can be used as a stretcher.
Rope can be bound to rods and made into a stretcher.
Explain the goals of First Aid.
First –aid refers to measures taken immediately after an accident. The aim of first-aid is not to cure the victim but to provide interim relief and prevent further harm, till professional help can be reached.
The goals of first-aid is ABC of basic life support airwa breathing circulation
The priority is to ensure that the nose is not blocked and that the victim is able to breathe
oxygen-rich air and the blood circulation is proper and that the heart is kept beating.
What are the causes of fainting and what are the measures that need to be taken up if you see someone who has fainted?
Causes for fainting can be a head injury; epilepsy; stroke; poisoning; diabetes or lack of oxygen.
Measures to be taken when one has fainted……
Pinch the unconscious person and observe if he responds
Look for injuries
Loosen tight clothing
Keep record of the patient’s condition
Do not give the patient’s anything to eat or drink
Ensure that people do not crowd around the patient.
Identify 2 signs and symptoms of sprain and fracture.
Signs and symptoms of sprains and fractures are pain at or near the site of injury increased by movement. Movement may be difficult or impossible at a fractured site.
There will be swelling at the injured spot.

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