NCERT Solutions for Class 8th: Ch 2 Geography Lesson (Poem) Honeydew English

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NCERT Solutions for Class 8th: Ch 2 Geography Lesson (Poem) Honeydew English

NCERT Solutions for Class VIII : Chapter 2 Geography Lesson (Poem) Honeydew English

Zulfikar Ghose

Page No: 35

Working with Poem

1. Find three or four phrases in stanzas one and two which are likely to occur in a geography lesson.


Some phrases that are likely to occur in a Geography lesson are ‘the city had developed the way it had’, ‘it scaled six inches to the mile’, ‘cities where the rivers ran’, and ‘the valleys were populated’.

2. Seen from the window of an aeroplane, the city appears
(i) as haphazard as on ground.
(ii) as neat as a map.
(iii) as developed as necessary.
Mark the right answer.
(iii) as developed as necessary.

3. Which of the following statements are examples of “the logic of geography”?
(i) There are cities where there are rivers.
(ii) Cities appear as they are not from six miles above the ground.

(iii) It is easy to understand why valleys are populated.
(iv) It is difficult to understand why humans hate and kill one another.
(v) The earth is round, and it has more sea than land.


(i), (iii) and (iv) are the correct statements.

4. Mention two things that are
(i) clear from the height.
(ii) not clear from the height.


(i)From the height, it was clear why the country had cities where the rivers ran and why the valleys were populated. It was also clear that the earth was round and that it had more sea than land.

(ii)From the height, it was not clear why the men on the earth found reasons to hate each other. It was also not understandable why men had to build walls across cities and why they had to kill.

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