Need and Importance of Physical Education essay

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Need and Importance of Physical Education

Introduction: Physical education refers to the process of imparting systematic instructions in physical exercise, sports, games, and hygiene. The term is generally used for the physical education programs at school and colleges.

Education aims at the training of the body, mind, and conduct of a student. To keep a healthy mind within a healthy body, a student needs regular physical exercise.

The brain of students gets tired after schoolwork. His mind refuses to work. Therefore, for diversion and refreshment of mind, he requires some organized forms of physical and mental work.

The Need of Physical education

Physical education forms an important part of modern education. Almost every school can boast of a playground, and one or two teams. In every modern school and colleges, after class work, students join various sports and games. The students generally take to all kinds of physical activities and show a great deal of interest in them.

Various kinds of sports and games

Various kinds of games, sports, and physical exercises are taught in schools as part of physical education program. Some of them are outdoor, others indoor. The outdoor games include football, hockey, cricket, tennis, badminton, volleyball, and so on. Sports include popular pastimes like swimming, boating, athletic activities like pole jump, long jump, racing, and javelin throwing. Students are also taught physical exercises to improve and maintain good health.

Importance physical education to students

Physical Education is of special importance to students.

  1. They are great sources of pleasure to them.
  2. They build the body and refresh their mind.
  3. They train the mind in many virtues.
  4. They teach the players discipline and team spirit. In school sports, the players have to obey certain rules. They have to submit to the ruling of the referee or the umpire. Thus, they learn discipline and obedience.
  5. Physical education creates in students ‘the sporting spirit’. The students learn to play fair and honorably and to keep the rules of the game.
  6. They learn to be fair to their opponents.
  7. They develop pluck and patience.
  8. School sports teach them to take a defeat in a good spirit.

Physical education aims at bringing the best in the students.

Value of Physical education

Benefits to mind and body: Physical education do well both to the body and the mind. After brainwork in schools, students generally feel fatigued. In outdoor games in the afternoon, they inhale fresh air and feel energetic. These games give free play to all the organs of the body. Therefore, their health is improved. Outdoor games are played together.

Develops the sense of discipline: The players are given systematic instructions in physical education programs of schools and other educational institutions. They have to obey the orders of the trainer and the captain. They thus learn obedience and discipline. Outdoor games teach us to bear defeat calmly and to respect the winners. They also promote a spirit of good will and sportsmanship.

Forms character: Physical education teach us endurance and presence of mind. They build up character and train us to become useful citizens. A good sportsman generally leads others in sports. He thus acquires qualities of leadership.

Thus, Physical education is of great value.

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