Need for Peace and Harmony in India

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Need for Peace and Harmony in India

If there is peace and harmony in India, only then, India as a nations can go forward. The law and order situation in the country is not very happy. There has been communal trouble which many times is the result of deliberate effort to create trouble. Many parties and organizations spread casteism, communalism or other kinds of poison which pollute our society.

Similarly if militancy has come to an end in some of the states yet it is still very powerful in some other states. Consequently innocent lives are lost, properties destroyed an ill-will prevails.

This type of situations within the country cannot allow political stability and economic betterment. If there is an atmosphere of suspicious distrust, of fear and aggressiveness, it is not possible to think of constructive progress.

Only one section of the people should not be taken care of. Interests of all the sections must be kept in mind, all the religions should flourish and all the languages should be encouraged.

Till everyone gets a fair deal people cannot be prosperous and powerful. By fair deal we mean that weaker and the backward should get special help and others should be able to lead a very stable life.

Peace and harmony is sometimes disturbed in India because of the scarcity of commodities. Sometimes the prices of essential things are so abnormal that it is not possible for the people to remain satisfied. Green Revolution has been able to increase production of food grains to a great extent and so people are not so much worried about food. Similarly the government is making every effort to increase the supply of those commodities which are likely to be scarce in the market.

Sometimes, peace becomes the victim of political manipulation. Opposition parties start obstructing rather than helping progress. Correctly speaking the task of opposition should be to build itself and to oppose. So the government has the responsibility to allow the opposition to function properly. But opposition has responsibility to allow the government to function. They start exploiting the situation and creating problems for the government. Instead of fishing in the troubled waters they should try to come out with constructive suggestions. If the opposition parties do not approve the some of the policies of the ruling party they should bring it before the people particularly at the time of elections. This is the democratic and constitutional method.

Peace and harmony demands that we should meet the challenges. There is need of unity and of commitment not to a party, not to a particular person but to the nation as a whole. At this time, it is necessary that we should cultivate national attitude towards India as a united country.

India is suffering from the problem of poverty and unemployment which at some or the other stage may threaten even our democracy. Unless there is peace and harmony is the country, it is not possible to make India politically strong, economically better off and socially united. There should be peace within the country as well outside the country. So if we want peace and harmony in the country, we will have to see that there is peace and harmony in the world also.

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