Networking – It’s Meaning and Importance essay

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Networking – It’s Meaning and Importance

Networking is a super-hit word today! Isn’t it? Everyone in this world, today, wants to have a strong network for various purposes. However, the purpose of networking might differ from people to people, but the basic meaning and the associated significance with networking always remains the same!

Meaning of Networking – A Quick Glance

Let us get a clearer meaning of networking through the points given below.

To Have a Connection & Building a Group – In business, networking is commonly referred as a process of making a connection or building a group so that different objectives can be met by rising above the value of sheer basic contact.

Communicating through Social Media – Since the advent of social media, the term networking has seen a significant growth and has also acquired valuable importance. Communicating through various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc., speed up the process of networking. Thus, social media networking helps you become more resourceful.

Interchange of Needs & Requirements – Networking is a two way process where you fulfill your needs in exchange for providing resources needed by others who are available in your network. Thus, networking can also be defined as a simple process of helping yourself by providing help to others too!

The Importance of Networking

Today, the ability to network is counted as one of the very important skills. Let us explore and understand why networking has acquired so much significance.

  1. Unlimited Business Possibility, Business Can be Done in a Better Way – Undoubtedly, building a strong and wide network blesses you with immense business possibilities. For example, you can promote and grow your business to an important and higher level by making the correct use of your network and further, by extending your network too! Networking is one of the best ways to promote your business. Referring to business, networking helps you buy, sell, promote and grow in a much better way!
  1. Downloading Information through Modern Sources of Network – Networking is not just about making connections and meeting people. It is much beyond that! When you have a wide network, you get to acquaint yourself with tons of knowledge in just few minutes. Useful videos, latest technologies, important tips and so much more is shared easily through various networks. If you are a part of any network, you automatically get to download the specific information that is floating in your network.
  1. Networking: Makes life easy – Networking is not only beneficial for business purposes. Rather, it helps you in every stage of your life. Let us make it clearer with an example. For instance, if you are searching for a particular job, you may join a relevant network that will keep you updated through relevant job openings for you. Moreover, you will get numerous options for the same. What we are trying to explain here is that networking makes life easier!
  1. Networking Helps you Take Advantage of the Modern Technologies An informed and active network always makes use of the modern technologies. Being a part of such network means that you get to know about such technologies automatically. Referring to job again, sharing files, photos, documents and other sort of data becomes much easier through networking as you can contact the right person in a few seconds!
  1. Networking Also Aids in your Overall Presence on the Internet – If you are running a business, your online presence matters a lot. Again, networking helps and supports you in your overall online presence. The more you connect with people, the wider your business becomes known to others! Also, by networking with some reputed brands and established businessmen, you can build an impressive image of your business too.
  1. Helps Explore the Hidden, Unknown Markets – Networking is a wonderful tool to discover the unexplored areas! Being a businessman, you can use your network to find out newer and unknown markets for your products or business. Believe us; it all depends on how and with whom you are networking! Once you have built a powerful and useful network, no one can stop you from reaching the markets that have never been explored before!
  1. Networking Helps in Generation and Sharing of Information – As mentioned earlier also, networking provides you with the opportunity of creating and sharing information. Simply speaking, you can share what you know and you can get to know what others have shared in your network. Therefore, information always keeps on growing and getting updated in various networks.
  1. Helps Build Inbound and Outbound Connection – Another significant point associated with networking is that it helps in building inbound as well as outbound connection. In other words, you get to know, understand and network with the internal resources of your company and simultaneously, you also get to do the same with the external resources that may benefit your business or company.
  1. Provides Effective Utilization of Resources – A wide network always contains different types of people. Some of them might be highly experienced while others might just be the fresh graduates. Some of them might be technically sound while others will show some other set of skills. What networking does is that it helps use various resources in the right manner. It helps people in finding, recognizing and achieving what they are actually looking for!
  1. Provides Great Help & Support in Market Survey Too – Almost every business needs a market survey for knowing the crucial facts that can help the businesses grow and flourish. Again, networking makes space for a proper and fruitful market survey that can be done easily. You can share the relevant info of market survey with the contacts available in your network. Your contacts can further share that info in their other networks. Thus, you do not only get to do the survey quickly, but again, you also get to promote your business easily.

Conclusion: Networking is a beneficial idea that can be planned wisely for achieving fruitful results in various aspects of life including business, career, job, etc.

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