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Though Bangladesh is the darling child of nature almost every year she is visited by many natural calamities. Nor’wester is one of them. For western means the strong wind or storm that blows from the north –west in the Bengali months chitra and baishakh. The wind blows violently. Sometimes there is lightning. Occasionally thunders roar. The sky remains overcast with deep black clouds. Natures look very gloomy. There is terrible sound all around. People shudder in fear. The havoc that Nor’wester causes beggars description. It causes great damage to our life, Property and crops. Houses are blown away . Trees are uprooted and big branches are broken with a crushing sound. Boro paddy is pretty damaged. In word people become quite helpless. However Nor’wester is the symbol of hope and creation. It teaches man to struggle hard against the cruelties of nature. People take heart and again start life with new hope.

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