Offer a Suggestion to a Customer (English letter writing)

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Offer a Suggestion to a Customer


Sample Letter 1



I was sorry to hear that your basement was flooded last week due to a leaky pipe, but was glad that the rest of your home was spared. Unfortunately, many homes suffer water damage each year from leaking washers, water heaters, and other loose fittings. I am sure you don’t want to have such a problem in another part of your home.


May I suggest that you allow me to come to your home to make sure that your plumbing is secure? In the long-run it could save you a lot of money and worry. Please contact me to make an appointment at 555-5555.



Sample Letter 2



We regret that we are unable to supply you with the bookkeeping forms you usually use. With the majority of small businesses using computers, the older forms are difficult to find. You may wish to make the transition to computer bookkeeping yourself. All types of posting can be done more quickly and more accurately than with traditional methods. Although the initial investment seems high, I believe you would find, as we have, that the time saved and the accuracy achieved are well worth the money. We have several computer models with compatible software that we could tailor to your needs. You are welcome to drop in and investigate this possibility.



Sample Letter 3



I have reviewed the financial information you gave me and compared it to last year’s figures. According to my calculations, you are losing ground. Your investments are under-performing all the relevant markets by a significant margin. I think it is time to consider turning your portfolio over to a professional, as we discussed last year.


You are a dedicated and successful businessman; however, your devotion to your business leaves you little time to monitor your investments. If you disagree or think I have misunderstood your situation, please call me so we can discuss the matter.



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