On a Hot Summer Day

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On a Hot Summer Day

I stay in a place that is very hot during summer vacation. On a hot summer day, I would like to stay indoors and play indoor games with my friends. We friends get together in our house and play games like carrom board, cards, scrabble, etc. My mother makes sure that we drink lots of water or juice. We go out to play only in the evening when it is less hot. If my friends are not around I like to sit in front of the TV drinking sweet lassy. It is difficult to spend the day when the electricity goes off as I cannot watch TV. If there is no electricity we sleep on the terrace. My sister and I play a game “star counting”. The person who counts maximum stars wins the game. Sometimes when it is too hot I wish I lived in a village. Then, when it’s too hot I could jump into the pond and enjoy the cool water in the pond. I like summer because we can eat lots of ice creams.

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