Our headmaster

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Our headmaster

The name of our headmaster is Mijan. He is a well-educated person. He is an M. A. in English; he is highly qualified and well-trained. He always remains busy in his office. His administrative power is excellent. He is not only a good administrator but also a good teacher. He teacher we English. He takes a few classes. He often visits our classroom and gives us valuable advice. He possesses a strong personality. He is out a gentleman. He is punctual and regular in his duties. He is very frank and friendly when we meet him for any affair. Sometimes, he is reserved and harsh if we do any wrong. If any student disobeys the rules of the school, he punishes him. He is the guardian of the students and the teacher of the school. He meets our parents every three months and let them know about our development. Our headmaster is a very wise man. He is popular among the teachers and students. We all respect him very much.

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