Outsourcing: Meaning, Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing essay

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Outsourcing: Meaning, Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing

Introduction: Outsourcing can be an efficient, cost-effective business strategy for your company. Before going into the finer details, let’s get to know what outsourcing really entails.

Meaning of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is the process of obtain goods and/or services, on commercial terms, from third-party (outside) suppliers.

Outsourcing is a form of partnership or rather a practice by which companies prefer to transfer portions of their services to the outside suppliers instead of completing the work internally. In simple words, Outsourcing means sourcing goods and services from outside vendors.

Before making it the perfect choice for your business, it is vital to know some of the basic advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing.

Advantages of Outsourcing

1. Time-saving

Outsourcing will help you and your company to spend more time working on the core business. The time that you could spend on the non-core business will be enough to concentrate on expanding service productivity in the field of interest.

2. Gives access to expertize and professionalism.

Offshoring gives a better chance of learning diversified skills in the same field of expertise and this leads to high-quality services and a boost on the level of production.

3. A lower operational cost.

Once you contract out some of the services to an outside supplier or company, you are surely going to save on an extra amount you could invest in setting up the technology to support the outsourced services. Here you also cut off the operational cost in infrastructure.

4. It is more flexible and comfortable.

Here you can streamline your company’s operation and have a closer control in running the business. Outsourcing will also lead to sharing of business risk, this makes it comfortable for one to invest more without having that great fear of failure.

5. Access to efficient and skilled resources.

Outsourcing gives that access to the fully-skilled resources from the other companies. Here you will not invest in training and recruitment expenses. Your business firm will experience the best services of the other company, hence a mutual share of taste and preference in service delivery.

Disadvantages of Outsourcing

1. The risk of poor management. 

Once you outsource the services to another supplier or company, for example, they are in full control and it is somehow difficult to manage the offshore service provider as compared to the internal business organization.

2. Hidden cost incurred may be high.

Though outsourcing is cost-effective to the company itself, some legal costs exist while validating a contract. Much of the time and money may get their way out before legalizing the partnership.

3. Delayed services.

The outsourcing service providers may be working for several other companies and may fail to give full attention to your work. This may lead to delayed and poor quality services.

4. Potential redundancies and a lower customer focus.

Lack of interest in employees may develop in adverse offshoring. The developed reluctance in work may lead to low-quality services and lack of the customer focus transforming to a lower market in the products and services affecting the business negatively.

5. Possible misunderstanding and communication difficulties.

Communication plays an important role in every business set-up. Any difficulty in communication may affect the quality of the services offered negatively. A misunderstanding may strike any moment in offshoring due to different managing bodies. Signing of the contract if not reached with a clear solution may affect business setup in the long run.


Choosing the right and competent service provider to outsource your products and services is the solution all these possible drawbacks. If your company has a good taste to outsourcing which is far much pocket-friendly with promising results, you are surely heading for a better experience in your business set-up.

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