Pandit Gaga Bhatt

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Pandit Gaga Bhatt

Pandit Gaga Bhatt, also known as Vishweshwar, was the famous pandit at Banaras. He is famous in Indian history because he conducted the coronation ceremony of Shivaji the great. The coronation ceremony of Shivaji Maharaj is an important episode in Maratha history. Shivaji became the first Chhatrapati of Maratha Empire. Shivaji sow the seed of the Hindavi Swarajya.

Pandit Gada Bhatt was the most learned and renowned Pandit of Banaras. He was a master of the four Vedas, the six systems of Hindu philosophy and the entire Hindu scripture.

Gaga Bhatta was requested to come to Rajgarh to perform the Rajyabhishek of Shivaji Maharaj.  He agreed and travelled from Banaras to Raigarh and perform the Rajyabhishek of Shivaji Maharaj. Gaga Bhatta arrived and was received by Shivaji personally several miles in advance. Many other brahmins were also invited in the coronation ceremony of Shivaji.

On the day of cornation, Shivaji wake up early in the morning and took blessing from Gaga Bhatt and other priest. Shivaji was crowned as the king of Maratha Empire. The ceremony took place at Raigarh.

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