Paragraph on Disability | Disabled People

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Paragraph on Disability | Disabled People


Introduction: In every country there is a section of people who are physically disabled or mentally retarded to perform the normal functions of their life. Their deformities are also different. Some are blind, dumb and deaf. Others are crippled or mentally abnormal.

Meaning: Disability refers to the physical or mental inability to perform tasks that are consider normal while performing the daily activities.

Most often, they are dependent on other people. The look upon themselves as the burden of their families and an inferiority complex dogs them as long as they live.

The use of word ‘handicapped’ is being discouraged. The physically disabled people are now referred to as physically challenged people, visually challenged people, etc.

More recently, the phrase ‘differently abled’ instead of the word ‘handicapped’ or ‘disability’. It emphasizes on the fact that they are ‘not disabled” but ‘differently abled” in some other spheres or activities of life.

Types: The various types of differences in ability includes:

  1. Physical disability – limited physical ability or disability of the body.
  2. Mental disability – limited mental ability or disability of the mind.
  3. Developmental difficulties due to impairment of physical or mental health.
  4. Congenital disability in people born with a certain disability.
  5. Accidental disability in people who become disabled due to an accident.

Government helps for the disabled people: The people with physical disability are not a neglected class of people. The Government and society take it as their humanitarian duty to make available to them all kinds of opportunities for their flowering as useful citizens. The Government provides the physically disabled students with stipends for the education. They have a special quota for Government jobs.

Celebrities among the disabled people: It has been proved that physical disability cannot stand in the way of one’s flowering into a celebrity. Some of such people are born with extraordinary talent. Helen Keller is a world-famous name. Almost every year, the results of secondary and that of Higher secondary examination highlight the brilliant performances of some disabled students.

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