Paragraph on Dussehra

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Paragraph on Dussehra

Introduction: Dussehra is celebrated to embrace the victory of Lord Rama, over the evil king Ravana. Rama went to the forest for fourteen years.

When is Dussehra celebrated? Dussehra festival is celebrated on the first day of the ‘shukla paksha” of the Hindu month of Ashwin.

Celebration: The devotees of Lord Rama go to temples to chant mantras. Many undertook fasting on this day. Flowers and sweets are offered to the Almighty.

In many places, Dussehra Festival is observed for 10 day. The famous play of Ram Leela (also Ram Lila) is performed in cultural ceremonies. The effigy of ten headed Ravana is made and burnt in fire.

Ram Leela: On this day, the famous folk play known as ‘Ram Leela” is performed at various towns and cities across the country. The main characters of the play are Rama, Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman. In this play, the heroic acts of Rama are vividly expressed. A war took place between Rama and Ravana. At last, Ravana is killed by Rama, which depicts the victory of ‘good over the evil”. After the victory, Rama returned to Ayodhaya along with Sita (his wife) and Lakshman (brother).

Thousands and lakhs of Hindu men and women go to see the play of ‘Ram Leela”.

Importance: Dussehra Festival marks the victory of good over evil. Lord Rama is an inspirational character. People are so active that they don’t feel tired even after this massive activity. This festival boosts the morale of everyone. It gives us courage to fight for our right, no matter how poor the situation seems to be. There will be the victory of the righteous and virtuous.

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