Paragraph on Importance of Science and Technology essay

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Paragraph on the Importance of Science and Technology

Science and technology are words that go hand in hand in the modern world. Technology helps us understand the discoveries of science.

Modern science and technology is the world we live in today, there are new inventions and discoveries that are made each day. The importance of science and technology is discussed below:

Diverse transportation. Science and technology has led to the multiple means of transport in the world today. It has eased the problem of getting from one point to another.

Large scale production. It is through science and technology that we have things such as machines. They have helped to ease the supply and demand chain by producing more. Energy is also another factor. Mechanical, electrical and the various sources of energy that science has invented have led to more production.

Communication. The TV and radio are as a source of science and technology. We are able to be entertained, informed and educated through this sources. The mobile phone it one of the most recent sources of communication. We are able to connect easily form all over.

Globalization. Technology has led viewing the world as a small village. We are able to communicate, do business and interact with each other all over the world.

The rise of internet. This a full package. Talk of social media, online marketing and businesses, online dating, online jobs and so much more. The internet is a platform for all sorts of things. It is another world in the world. You can almost get everything on the internet. Not to forget E-learning.

Science and technology are a package of goodies that has only begun to unravel. Each and every day there is something new being made or discovered, all in the line of making life better.

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