Paragraph on Indian Culture: Its Features and Importance essay

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Paragraph on Indian Culture: Its Features and Importance

Introduction: Indian culture has always been rich, diverse and non-enforcing. India’s rich culture has attracted many people from all over the world.

Culture is the lifestyle of the people of any country or territory. Culture defines a specific pattern of behavior and beliefs of the people comprising a group or tribe.

Culture is something that distinguishes the life of one group or tribe of people from another group. It comprises of race, ethnicity, language, traditions, religion, etc.

Features: The features of Indian Culture is discussed below:

  1. Deep-rooted: Indian culture is extremely deep-rooted and goes way back in the ages of Vedas.
  2. Diverse: Indian culture is extremely diverse and changes significantly as you move from one region to another in the same country.
  3. Traditional: Indian culture is very traditional and Indians respect their culture and do not let it dilute, come what way.

Importance: The importance/significance of Indian culture is summarized as follows:

  1. Unity in diversity: Even though India has diverse cultures, its people are united in their basic sense of patriotism. The richness of Indian culture is what keeps its people together.
  2. Preserves identity: Indian culture is what gives the country its unique identity and recognition throughout the world.
  3. Sense of belonging: Without cultural support, a country`s citizens feel homeless. A country`s rich culture instills the sense of belonging in their citizens.
  4. Binding factor: Indian culture is what keeps its citizens patriotic and attached to each other.
  5. Sense of pride: When cultural traditions are handed down from generations after generations, they are preserved with honor and increase the sense of pride in people.

ConclusionCultural values of Indian citizens are indeed a matter of pride!

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