Paragraph on Kindness – Meaning, Benefits, Gestures essay

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Paragraph on Kindness – Meaning, Benefits, Gestures

Kindness is one unique quality that makes us different from other species. For being human, we need to have kindness.

Meaning of Kindness – Kindness means a humble behavior that involves care for others, helping attitude for others and ability to share as well.

The meaning of kindness is quite deep. It can be understood through a variety of humble acts as given below:

  • Kindliness – Kindness is also kindliness. It means having a heart full of warmth and love for others.
  • Affectionate – Kindness also means being affectionate. We should be affectionate and unselfish in helping others.
  • Caring – Caring for other people’s needs is also a form of kindness.
  • Generous – Kindness also refers to being polite and generous to others.
  • Friendly – Having a friendly behavior towards other people, is also a way of showing kindness.
  • Helpful – Being helpful is the simplest and most important meaning of kindness.
  • Gentle Showing a tender temperament or gentle behavior to other humans is also kindness.
  • Understanding – Kindness can also be defined as an attitude that is full of understanding for the feelings and emotions of fellow beings.

The Benefits of Being Kind towards Others – Being kind towards others reward us with feelings like self-satisfaction, happiness, confidence, and most importantly, the feeling of having done something good!

Various Gestures of Kindness – Helping a blind person in crossing the road, leaving your seat for elderly people in bus, providing food or shelter to poor people, etc., are various gestures of kindness.

Kindness is Humanity – As said earlier, we cannot call ourselves humans until we have kindness in us. Kindness is another name for humanity!

Mark Twain has rightly said, Kindness is the language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

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