Paragraph on “Look Before You Leap”

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Paragraph on “Look Before You Leap”

Introduction: Every action has consequences. Everything we do as human beings must go through a rigorous check first.

We must verify whether our actions are profitable or not justified or not, right or wrong, and whether a person will be hurt or not. Before you do anything, consider the outcome first.

Meaning: The meaning of the proverb ‘Look Before You Leap” is given below in points:

• Before you do anything, consider the possible consequences.

• Before you venture into any business, think about the possible problems you’ll encounter.

• Think twice before making a decision that you may be unable to unmake later on.

Expansion: We have all at one time made decisions that we wish we never did. We need to ensure we review our choices to make sure we get the best out of it. Choosing the best foods will help us live healthy life. Wise business decisions on the other hand puts us on a winning or profitable side.


  1. To avoid remorse: When you rethink your options, you minimize the chances of regretting having missed an opportunity to make the right choice. There are no bitter words than ‘I wish I could have….”
  2. Avoid Losses: Investing needs one to be shrewd and go over every detail before closing the deal. Failure to do so can result in huge losses that will leave one financially crippled.

Conclusion: Some decisions in life cannot be unmade once made. Therefore, before you give yourself a green light, think over your decisions once more to avoid future regrets.


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