Paragraph on National Archives of India essay

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Paragraph on National Archives of India

A brief informative note on National Archives of India

  • National Archives of India is one of the largest and best equipped repositories of records east of the Suez; earlier called Imperial Records Department, es­tablished in 1891.
  • Since 1947 acquired more than half a million files and volumes, manuscripts; maps received from Survey of India;
  • official records supplemented by a micro-film library, regarding various aspects connections with India;
  • houses a collection of oriental letters ranging from 1765 to 1873;
  • has a library of more than a million volumes on modern Indian history and auxiliary subjects;
  • microfilm copies of materials of India interest secured from England, France, Holland, Denmark and the USA;
  • also acquires private papers of eminent personalization;
  • since 1947 has been conducting a diploma course in archives management.

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