Paragraph on Raja Ram Mohan Roy and his achievements

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Paragraph on Raja Ram Mohan Roy and his achievements

Raja  Rammohan Roy

Introduction: Raja Ram Mohan Roy was a great socio-religious reformer. He was born in a Brahmin family on 10th May, 1772 at Radhanagar, in Hoogly district of Bengal (now West Bengal). Ramakanto Roy was his father. His mother’s name was Tarini.

He was one of the key personalities of ‘Bengal Renaissance”. He is known as the ‘Father of Indian Renaissance”. He re-introduced the Vedic philosophies, particularly the Vedanta from the ancient Hindu texts of Upanishads. He made a successful attempt to modernize the Indian society.

Education: Ram Mohan was a very good student. He learned several languages. He was a scholar in Persian, English, Arabic, Latin, Tibetan and Greek languages.

Travel: He travelled throughout India and across several cities. He also travelled England and Tibet.


  • Ram Mohan Roy was the founder of Brahmo Samaj. It became a great socio-religious movement of the time.
  • He took the initiative to fight against the social practice of ‘Sati’. His efforts bore fruits when Sati practice was legally abolished in 1827.
  • He fought against social issues such as polygamy, sati practice and child marriage.
  • He established the Hindu College in 1817 with the help of his friend, David Hare. He also established the Anglo-Hindu School in 1822 and General Assembly’s Institution in 1826.
  • He was also a writer. His works were mainly related to history, geography and science.
  • He is also known as the ‘father of Bengali prose”.
  • The title of ‘Raja” was conferred on him.

Last days: He left for England in 1831 and spent his last days there.

Death: He died on 27th September, 1833. He was buried at Bristol, England.

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