Paragraph on Science and Future essay

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Paragraph on Science and Future

Introduction: Science is the methodical study of configuration and performance of physical as well as natural world. Future refers to the time that is still to come.

Everything we see is science! Science is a systematic and practical approach to study every natural phenomenon. Science involves detailed surveillance and experiment as well.

The scientific methods and studies involve logic, reasoning, time, and intellectual. Scientific studies and progress never cease.

How science and future are interconnected? Science helps us in knowing and understanding what has still to come or what is likely to happen? Science also provides an insight into future like what is the upcoming natural phenomenon of nature?

Every now and then, science discovers and invents new concepts and things. Various scientific inventions and every day scientific progress assure us for a better future where we can think and act in a better way. Science can give us better infrastructure, electronic gadgets, safety, medical help, emergency services and much more in the future. It can give us a more sustainable life in the future. Our health, education and whole lifestyle can see a better change because of science in the future.

Science is essential for the continuous progress of humankind. Overall, all of us can expect a better future life because of science.

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