Paragraph on Science and War

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Paragraph on Science and War

Relation between Science and War: Science and war have co-existed from the earliest times.

Victory goes to the nation which is more highly developed in science. This fact explains why science progresses so rapidly under the stress of war. Formerly, wars were won or lost in the battlefields, but they are now won or lost in the laboratories.

Application of science: Science fortifies a nation with power against the aggression of the enemy. The powerful nations has a bias in favor of science. In the struggle for existence, lack of scientific training is a serious drawback. The study of science, therefore, should receive more and more attention from the state.

Science has conquered time and space, wrested many a secret from nature, and has made man immensely powerful.

How science can kill war? It is by science alone that we can kill war. Science gives power to man and if all nations are equally powerful, the world will be in a state of equilibrium. The possibility of war will thus be eliminated and peace will descend on earth.

Conclusion: It is permissible to hope that science will establish her reign all over the human world and then will peace come down to the earth.

Needless to say, science should aim at marking men brighter, healthier and nobler. Atomic power should not be used only for the manufacture of that terrible engine of destruction, the atom bomb. It is capable of being put to beneficial uses also. It can accelerate, to an incredible extent, industrial and agricultural production as well.

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