Paragraph on Self-respect essay

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Paragraph on Self-respect

The most important of self-regarding virtues is self-respect. Your entire character and conduct depend in the first place on your estimate of yourself.

A self-reliant and undaunted person succeeds in the great battle of life. Courage, perseverance, cheerfulness – almost all virtues are found in a person who respects himself.

All other virtues spring from self-respect. Moreover, all other vices flow from self-degradation. Traitors and cowards have never fared well in the history of the world. A brave enemy deserves greater regard than a coward ally does.

How can anyone be a brave person who has no self-respect? Non-submission to the enemy has been a characteristic with men of great self-respect. They would rather die than surrender to their foes. A true hero dreads not death more, than he dreads bondage and chains.

Humility is not inconsistent with self-respect, and that is what every young man must try to acquire.

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