Paragraph on Socialism in Indian Constitution

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Paragraph on Socialism in the Indian Constitution

Socialism in Indian Constitution

The Constitution of India (42nd Amendment Act, 1976) has introduced the word ‘socialist” (in the Preamble) to qualify our Republic.

The text of the Preamble of Indian Constitution, as amended, gives almost the highest place of honour, to the objectives of socialism.

However, the term ‘socialism” has not been defined by the Constitution. In Indian context, the ‘socialist” gives a positive direction to State activities. They include:

  • wiping out poverty,
  • increasing production,
  • modernizing the economy,
  • preventing the growth of monopoly
  • reducing disparities and inequalities between different classes, castes and religions.

In short, the term ‘Socialism’ in Indian Constitution seeks to establish a welfare State.

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