Paragraph on Sympathy essay

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Paragraph on Sympathy

Sympathy, like love, has to be shown in thought word and deed. When you make your sub-ordinates do any work, you must be make sure that the task is within the powers of the sub-ordinate.

You should remember that other people possess the same feelings, as you possess, though they may not have the means to gratify them to the same extent as yon have. Again, when the other person is in trouble of body or of mind, you must feel for him, and not insist on his rendering you service despite such trouble.

Your words must be exceedingly kind. They must never wound his feelings of self-respect of justice. For, though he may not retaliate openly, yet his heart smarts under the pain, and is weaned away from you.

You should never cause mental, emotional, or physical injury to others. Their happiness is matter of sacred trust in your hands.

To a kind employer, employees are loyal unto death. It is so very easy for you to win their lasting affection, if you only care to do so.

Now, why is a senior hard upon his junior? It may, be due to lack of sympathy or lack of self-reliance. Some people foolishly think that frowning is the best way of making subordinates work. If it is only in external appearance they are harsh, it is a trivial matter.

A brave man fears not those above, nor teases those below him.

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