Paragraph on Uses and abuses of Science essay

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Paragraph on Uses and abuses of Science

Uses and abuses of Science

First journey of science: The first scientist of the world was a prehistoric man. He used his brains to invent the simplest device to make his life less painful. Science started its humble journey from that day.

Science grew richer and richer and it has reached its golden age today. It has revolutionized man’s life so thoroughly that we like to cal this age the age of science. It is science that tells a modern man how to live.

Science is a mixed blessing. Though the basket of gifts of sciences is full to the brain, science has not been an unmixed blessing to man. If used property, science is helpful for us. If abused, science may become a threat to humanity.

Uses of scienceWe use countless gifts of science every day.

  • Science has modernized our homes. Pressure cooker, gas ovens, washing machine, refrigerator have changed the look of our kitchen.
  • Trains, buses, planes, motor cars, bicycles have made our journey quicker and more comfortable.
  • The radio, Television (TV) adds to our knowledge and pleasure.
  • Telephones, mobile-phones are important communication devices.
  • Electric light, fan, air-conditioners, cooler,etc. make our life comfortable.
  • Science has given us life saving drugs and medical facilities.
  • Science has taught us how to use the gifts of nature.

Abuses of scienceMan uses science for the bane of his fellow beings too.

  • The industrial and vehicular pollution is a major harmful effects of the abusive usage of science.
  • Man has used science to make deadly weapons.
  • Two Great World wars killed a great number of people and destroyed big cities.
  • Nuclear bombs can put the entire cities out of existence. The nuclear bomb, explosives, the hydrogen bomb, poisonous gas, missiles, chemical warfare, etc. are extremely destructive application of science.
  • Man has become over-dependent on scientific equipment and devices.
  • Children and adults wastes immense time and energy watching television and surfing the internet.

Conclusion: On one hand, science has given us the physical comfort. But, on the other hand, it has caused many problems for mankind. People have begun to fight against the misuse of science.

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