Paragraph on Wonders of Science

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Paragraph on Wonders of Science

In the past, there were only eight wonders in the world. But today there are hundreds of wonders. Every invention of science has changed this world into a land of wonders. These wonders are not only beautiful but also useful.

How wonderful our aeroplane is! We were not born with wings. But we always wished to fly like birds. Science has given us what God has not. Today we can fly to any corner of the world. Rivers and mountains cannot stand in the way. How cheap and how easy it is to travel now! Today we can travel even to the moon. Our jets and rockets will carry us there. What a change from bullock cart to aeroplane!

Our radio is even more wonderful. What a useful servant it is! It brings music and news from far and wide. You hear great men and enjoy music in your own room. This wide world now lies in your small pocket. How small your transistor is, but how wonderful its service is! Now you can hold the whole world between your fingers. But our television is more wonderful still. You not only hear but also see the whole world with your own eyes. You see people talk or sing or dance. Thus science has conquered both time and space.

Electricity is not less wonderful. Electricity lights our homes and streets. It gives us fire, too. It moves our trains and trams. It runs our mills and factories. You switch on a button and get everything. What a wonder! Even a magician cannot do what electricity does.

So, today we cannot live without science. Science gives us a new life. How easy now is the work of doctors and surgeons! A surgeon does what even a magician cannot. How wonderful is the work of X’-ray! Is this ray less wonderful than the rays of the sun?

But science has produced some fearful things, too. Atom bombs and hydrogen bombs are great wonders, no doubt, but they are also great dangers for man.

There is, however, nothing wrong with science itself. Science has given us atomic energy. It is a very powerful weapon. In fact, this is the greatest wonder of science.

But it is for us to use it well. Atomic energy if rightly used can create new heaven upon this earth and it will be more wonderful than the old heaven upon this earth and it will be more wonderful than the old heaven created by God Himself. But if we misuse this energy, the earth will become much worse than hell itself. It is for us to make a hell or heaven of this earth.

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