Parenting: Importance of Parenting in a Child’s Life

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Parenting: Importance of Parenting in a Child’s Life

Parenting means taking care of offspring. Good parenthood means being a parent who takes good care of their offspring.

Good parents can also be called responsible parents. A parent is anyone who has offspring (and this definition includes step parents and so on as well as biological parents). The word responsible means being obliged to fulfil a certain duty.

So, we can say that good parents are parents who fulfil their duties towards their children. Good Parenting is so important for shaping a child’s future.

Importance of Parenting in a Child’s Life

The importance of parenting in child’s life has been discussed below:

1. A loving home: every child has the right to grow up in a loving home, so that they grow up to be happy and loving adults.

2. Financial and material support: parents are responsible for meeting their children’s material needs. Of course, the state should help parents who are struggling with these issues. But, the fact that families provide for each other is an important part of the fabric of any society.

3. Enabling their child to grow up healthy: parents ought to work in tandem with doctors, here. It is a parent’s duty to ensure that their children are well nourished and healthy. Parents can administer first aid and provide nourishing food – and hand things over to a doctor when this is necessary.

4. Supporting the society’s education system: parents are responsible not only for ensuring that their kids go to school and get a good education there – they are also responsible for complementing their education at home. Reading to their children, teaching them to count and taking them on trips to child friendly museums are just a few of the things that parents can do here.

5. Teaching children about the society’s laws: parents can teach their kids from an early age about what society’s laws are. For example, almost all societies in the world prohibit stealing, and parents can teach their children not to steal from an early age.

6. Teaching children about social codes: almost every society in the world has its own nuanced idea of politeness and social skills. Should one bow or shake hands on greeting, for example? Parents can help their children to navigate the social world with ease when they come to be adults, so that they can be polite and respectful to other citizens in an appropriate way.

7. Appreciating their society: by taking their kids out to enjoy the parks, museums, cafes and other places around them in their town or city – or enabling them to enjoy the countryside around them – parents can instil in their children a love for their society and a desire to make it the best that they can be. This will ensure that everyone shares in a happy future.


Children are the adult citizens of the future. Good parenting is essential to ensure that these future citizens are happy, upright and able to interact with each other in a kind and respectful way. As you can see, a parent’s obligations tend to involve them complementing the duties that society has to look after children and to ensure that they get a good civic and intellectual education. Are you a parent yourself? What do you think about the list of parental duties above?

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