Perseverance is the Mother of Good Luck.

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Perseverance is the Mother of Good Luck.

Perseverance is the mother of good luck. There is nothing which perseverance will not do in any pursuit.

Napoleon used to say ‘there is nothing like impossibility’. The lives of all great men furnish numberless examples showing the power of perseverance in achieving success.

If we want success in any undertaking, we must work steadily to the end. We should not therefore be discouraged with disappointment, at the beginning of life. Things do not always pass on smoothly. The world is not a bed of roses. There is a sort of unevenness in everything that we see. Our hopes are liable to be frustrated at every moment of our lives. However, we must not be daunted and discouraged. We must work steadily and perseveringly and success will be at our hands.

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