Personal Acknowledgment Letter (English LETTER WRITTING)

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Personal Acknowledgment Letter

Dear Pawan bhardwaj,

Subject: Thanks for your Study Notes

I must thank you for your help, really a man. I couldn’t have done without your help. This is something which I happen to do rarely; true and helpful friends are hard to come by. They say ‘A friend in Need is a Friend Indeed’ and it is totally true.

A month ago when I was preparing for my college exams, little did I know that the Science notes that you had would help me like anything. I was going about the examinations as I usually do. Had it not been the conversation in which you told me about the notes that you had, I wouldn’t have secured the top rank in my class. It is really amazing, almost like a miracle. I guess you are ‘My Lucky Charm’ and friends like you should never be forgotten. With that note, I bid you adieu with a ‘Wish that everyone has a Friend like you’.

Thanks mate,
Jems S. Alvero

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