Personal Recommendation Letters (English LETTER WRITTING)

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Personal Recommendation Letters

Pawan bhardwaj
32 S Riverview,
silicon, Pune 411004

March 1, 2019

Jems S. Alvero
Human Resources
Acme Corp
85/c, Exilent road,
silicon, Pune 411004

Dear Ms. Jems,

It’s my pleasure to offer my unreserved recommendation for Zehan Roy for the position of intern at Acme Corp.

I’ve known Zehan for over 20 years, having lived next door to her since she was a child. She’s always demonstrated responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit. When she was a teenager, she started a snow shoveling business in our neighborhood and wound up managing a team of five other kids from the street. I’m fairly certain they pulled in enough money to buy their own plow. if any of them had been old enough to operate it.

Since then, I’ve watched with interest as she’s pursued her education and interest in the business. Of course, you know from her transcripts and professional recommendations that she’s been unusually successful throughout her early career, but what you might not know is the joy she gets from solving problems and making business ideas work. It’s truly inspiring to see her tackle something and make it a success.

Zehan would be an asset to any organization, but I know that she has a particular passion for your company. I’d be happy to answer any questions or discuss my recommendation further. Please feel free to call me at 555-555-5555.

Pawan bhardwaj (signature for hard copy)
Pawan bhardwaj

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