Personality and Character of Aurangzeb

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Personality and Character of Aurangzeb

Aurangzeb was the ablest among the sons of Shahjahan. His personal character was admirable and simplicity, ideal. He was head and shoulders above all his brothers in respect of self-control, gravity of temper, native genius, leadership, diplomacy, experience of war and peace and tactful handling of men and situations.

But he was not altogether free from defects.

  • He was prone to take offence and never sincerely forgave anybody who had done him any serious harm.
  • His orthodoxy degenerated into fanatical intolerance of others.

In the beginning he bore no ill-will against his father, but in course of time it became a settled belief with him that his father saw everything through the jealous eyes of Dara and, therefore, did not do justice by him.

None of his brothers possessed that grit and capacity for organization and initiative which was native with him. All opponents of Dara regarded him as the most suited for the throne.

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