Personality of Akbar ( Mughal Emperor)

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Personality of Akbar ( Mughal Emperor)

Akbar was gifted with an imposing personality of a king. His looks were that of a king. He was possessed of an uncommon dignity and that no one could fail to be impressed with his extraordinary presence.

Jahangir has written details of the personality of Akbar the great.

  • Akbar had of middle height, but inclining to be tall.
  • The eyes and eyebrows of Akbar were black in colour.
  • Akbar possessed a slight dark complexion.
  • He had a broad chest, and his arms and hands were long.
  • Akbar had a small fleshy mole on the left side of his nose.
  • Akbar had a rich and loud voice.

Akbar had a very attractive personality and his manners were charming. He was so valorous that he could cut off a lion’s neck with one stroke of his sword. Whenever he liked, he could easily disregard all bad weather and endure any kind of fatigue and privations. He was accustomed to hard work and would often walk miles together. He was frank, attentive and witty in conversation. He was so sympathetic to the common people that ‘he always found time gladly to hear their cases and to respond graciously to their requests.” Their little offerings, too, he used to accept with such pleased look.

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